Synopsis Of The Movie ' Bailee ' Essay

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Bailee, and the rest of the track team, head towards the bus after the finished track meet. Once again, it is another late night, and the bus doesn’t leave until 9:45. Bailee begins to think about everything she has to do when she arrives home: take a shower, homework, pack her practice bag, everything that will prepare her for the following school day. Tired, she tries to sleep on the bumpy, uncomfortable bus, but she is unable to fall asleep. It is 11:15, and the track team approaches the school parking lot. Bailee hurries towards her car and steps into it quickly. She drives home, drowsy, almost falling asleep at the wheel. By the time she gets home and completes everything she has to do, it is about 1 o’clock in the morning by the time she lays down in bed. Her alarm is set for 6:15. Of course, Bailee has trouble falling asleep and tosses and turns for the next fifteen minutes. Morning arrives much too quickly. Bailee wakes up to the ever so annoying, beeping sound coming from the alarm clock. She gets ready, drives to school, and she thinks, “I am ready for this day”. Unfortunately, this is the nightly routine for most high school students in extracurricular activities. Research has shown that “the average adolescent needs eight and a half to nine and a half hours of sleep each night” (Brody). Although people do know how much sleep they should get at night, many just do not realize the importance of getting the correct amount. There can be multiple, serious effects…

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