Synopsis Of A Book ' Movie ' Essay

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Years had passed since his longtime friend, Sam died. Jake had managed to move on, get married to his girl and raise a family. He had taken his degree and although he had never managed to become president of a large company, he had used it to have a successful and rewarding career. It was a warm sunny summer day; Jake long since retired entered the local discount store. He entered the store in a hurry; his gate now awkward and somewhat stooped over from age. His arms swung back and forth as he rushed toward the isle, which held the prize he was after, as though it was to be his last chance to retrieve the item. Without warning his quest was interrupted as he collided with a mass directly in front of him. Nearly knocking the bystander to the floor Jake apologized. “Sorry, I guess I was in to much of a rush; Grandchildren don’t like Gramps to keep them waiting.” Suddenly Jake was staring directly into the eyes of the person he had collided with. He realized that it was a man with thin, graying hair about his age. There was an air of familiarity about him and as Jake proceeded to leave apologizing once again he turned in a swift motion. “Willie is that you after all these years?” Willie sensing embarrassment, returned the question. “Jake?” “That’s right Willie haven’t seen you in years.” Jake studied Willie carefully. He realized that Willie had been bothered by them running into each other but couldn’t quite figure out why. Suddenly Jake noticed Willie was wearing…

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