Essay on Symptoms Of A Polar Disorder

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Bi-polar disorder can be challenging most of us who suffer from this disease experience mood swings, depression, feelings of isolation, and instability. My personal challenges were instability, I was unstable when it came to my emotional relationships with my husband and children. The slightest thing would set me off. Nobody understood me not even myself. I often found solitude in isolating myself from everyone, that way I could make sure that my emotions were my own. This caused my family to wonder what they had done, the answer was a simple one, nothing. According to Demi Lovato “For years, people said I was depressed, and I actually didn’t know myself why I was so upset and why I would have these episodes of mania—what I now know is mania,” she says. (Heiser, 2015). I knew as a young adult growing up, that I was battling inner demons, but what I didn’t realize was that the demon was bi polar disorder. For children dealing with bipolar the challenges are very similar as adults. Our daughter Sydnie, is now fifteen years old. She began showing signs of bipolar at the age of thirteen. She was originally, diagnosed with ADHD at the age of six, because she was impulsive, and at times was completely out of control. We began to see she was experiencing challenges with friendships, she literally had no friends. She could not find a reason within herself to see that she was worthy of friendships. She also began self-harming, cutting became her cure for the pain she…

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