Symptoms And Treatment Of Joint Pains Essay

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Joints connect the various bones, bear the human body weight and allow movement of the body. This means that joints undergo a lot of stress which they are designed to handle. However, there are times when joints undergo a lot of wear and tear and this leads to joint pains. Joint pain is known as arthralgia. Joint pains are very uncomfortable and sometimes can turn so severe that they can get unbearable and one needs to get relief from the pain immediately with the help of medications. These medications, however, may not always be free from adverse health effects. It is recommended to use medicines which do not contain any steroids and are anti-inflammatory so that they can reduce the swelling associated with the joint pains.
Joint pains can be caused due to various reasons. Stress, unhealthy diet, trauma, injuries, wounds, osteoporosis, arthritis may all cause joint pains. The extent of joint pains may be different for different people and each person may get relief from joint pains in a different manner. However, below are a few natural ways which can relieve and even prevent joint pains for most people suffering from them.
• Ice Therapy: Ice therapy is also known as cryotherapy. In this therapy for joint pains, ice packs are applied on the paining joints for about 10-15 minutes. Cold temperature reduces the blood flow to the joint tissues and thus reduces swelling of the joint. This further helps to relieve the joint pains. Ice must not be directly applied to the affected…

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