Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Diabetes

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Ivelisse Rivera has had her life crippled by Type 1 Diabetes since she was 22 years old. She went to the doctor 's office one day and received this dark soul-wrenching news. She remembers breaking out into tears right in front of the doctor as she knew that she would have to live an entirely new life. From that day she vowed to never eat sweets, her most favorite thing in the world; and to this day she never has. She is in her mid forties living healthy as can be with an angelic smile on her face. Her Type 2 Diabetes is only one form of the horrible disease. This disease has the power to inhibit the body if not taken care of properly. Rivera has taken care of herself for over 30 years showing that there is hope. One should not give up hope or should be demoralized because while diabetes can become a crippling disability, with the worries of medicating, monitoring food intake, and family care, life can still be carried out to it’s full capacity.

Worldwide, 387 million people are living with diabetes, and that number is rapidly rising due to obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. by 2035, half a billion will be afflicted (387 million). Diabetes affects the insulin function in the body. It either stops the production or renders the insulin function useless to the body. When untreated, Miniscule or no insulin can lead to extreme thirst, weight loss, fatigue, and death (Diabetes Mellitus). The pancreas makes just enough insulin to prevent high blood sugar (Bowden). The blood sugar…

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