Essay about Symptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder

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There are constantly new drugs going on the market, and they all try to fix problems that humans have been dealing with forever. There is medication out there to manage allergies, infections, headaches, disorders, and more. One of these newer compounds is an anticonvulsant with the brand name Lamictal. Being an anticonvulsant means that it prevents abnormal electricity in the brain from happening, thus controlling seizures and the mood swings associated with bipolar disorder (WebMD). It’s mainly used for patients who are 16 and older, because it may be risky for children (Mayo Clinic). Lamictal isn’t quite like other mood stabilizers though, and it’s important that patients be aware of what risk there is with taking this drug. Lamictal isn’t quite like other most other mood stabilizers. Its chemical makeup is different (Psycom), it generally works well for rapid-cycling bipolar (Psychiatrist), and is one of two manmade mood stabilizers that doesn’t require bloodwork. Drugs such as Lithium require blood monitoring because of how common it is for them to change things in the blood (high blood pressure, anemia, etc.) (Canmat). Lamictal also has the ability to lessen short-term mood swings, which also makes it promising for patients dealing with borderline personality disorder (NCBI). Some doctors will start patients on Lamictal rather than other medications because it is also known for having few side effects, and the more serious side effects are rare (Psycom). Lamictal is…

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