Symptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder Essay

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Bipolar disorder is a medical condition that causes periods of mania and depression ( Manji, Martinowich, & Schloesser, 2009, p.726). The length of episodes can vary from days to weeks. Full recovery can typically be seen between episodes. The Bipolar disorder general population is 2% with the median on set age of 25 years old (Hales, Hilty, Kelly, Leamon, & Lim, 2006, p.43). Affecting both male and female alike. However, Bipolar II is more common in women, whereas Bipolar I in men (Hales, Hilty, Kelly, Leamon, & Lim, 2006, p.43). Common symptoms seen with Bipolar Manic episodes are euphoric, racing thoughts, restlessness, and distracted easily (Manji, Martinowich, & Schloesser, 2009, p.726). Involvements in activities that have high risk are commonly seen. Examples are sexual engagements and investments. Individuals typically remember prior engagements after episode and feel embarrassed and regret their actions. Pharmacology therapy remains the primary medical treatment for the illness. Which includes lithium, valproate, carbamazepine, lamotrigine, and atypical antipsychotics (Adams, Berk, & Malhi, 2010, p.193). Emerging pharmacology treatments include nacetylcysteine, tamoxifen, and agenapine (Adams, Berk, & Malhi, 2010, p.193). In addition, implementing psychoeducation, family-focus therapy or another pshycosocial model will benefit the individual (George, Miklowitz, Richards, Simoneau, & Suddath, 2003, p.904). Comorbid disorders are commonly seen in individuals with…

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