Symptoms And Symptoms Of Diabetes Essay

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Overall symptoms of diabetes
Early symptoms of diabetes are so subtle in type 2 diabetes that the person may not even be able to find out he/she have diabetes for a long period of time. On the other hand, symptoms for type 1 diabetes are severe and happen in a matter of days or weeks and without a warning. Some of the symptoms are a consequence of other symptoms, causing a chain reaction. Symptoms include; higher than normal levels of glucose in the blood. Frequent urination and increased thirst. Glucose is reabsorbed as it passes through the kidneys, however since sugar levels in the blood are high the body will try to get rid of the extra glucose by producing more urine, making the person urinate more frequently. Since urine output is higher the person will get thirstier and will drink more water. Higher water intake higher urine output. Since the body is producing more urine, the person will dehydrate easier. One of the consequences of dehydration is dry skin and dry mouth. Less moisture in the skin will make the skin dry and flaky making it feel itchy. “Having a dry mouth, especially as a diabetic, can lead to rampant tooth decay, which means blood sugar increases as the body tries, and fails, to fight infection. A dry mouth can also lead to loss of sleep and an altered sense of taste, a condition that presents with a metallic or sour taste in the mouth.” ( The body converts food into glucose and the cells use it for energy. However, the cells need…

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