Symptoms And Severity Of Personality Disorders Essay

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Personality disorders are disorders involving a consistent pattern of abnormal behavior and can include conflicting inner emotions, cognitions, and impulse control as well. The reason as to why such disorders are placed in the Axis II category in the DSM-IV is that they rarely come alone. Or rather, these disorders are most commonly comorbid with Axis I disorders and are often not even identified until after the individual is seeking treatment for an Axis I disorder. The presence of a personality disorder gives shape to and further specifies the Axis I disorder it is comorbid with. So all in all, personality disorders are classified as Axis II disorders simply so the professionals can always consider the possibility that there is one present, and prevents the possibility of overlooking it completely. Personality disorders are so often comorbid with Axis I disorders because many of them show similar symptoms to that of Axis I disorders and, as stated previously, indicate the shape and severity of the Axis I disorder. For example, an individual with major depression that starts to show symptoms like being overly suggestible, excessively seeking attention, rapidly shifting his or her emotions, and inappropriate sexual behavior, a therapist may find this indicative of a comorbidity of depression and histrionic personality disorder. It is essential for the professional to recognize this because individuals with comorbid Axis I and Axis II disorders respond less to treatment.…

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