Symbols In Death Of A Salesman Essay

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Death of a Salesman: Symbols
Miller uses symbols in Death of a Salesman to show meanings behind specific people, places, and objects. The symbols that are used are Alaska, University of Virginia sneakers, Dave Singleman, the flute, Bill Oliver’s Pen, seeds, and stockings. The theme of the play was the death of the American dream. Each of the symbols support the theme, because all of those have a cause of death, or crushed dreams.
Ben (Willy’s brother) went to Alaska , and he became rich because he found gold. He also went to Africa and found diamonds. This is a symbol in the story because if Willy would have went with his brother he would have a different life. He wouldn’t have to rely on Charley for money. He would have money of his own.
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His dad made them before he had died, he died at an early age. It affects Willy because he never got to remember him or have very many memories with him, other than the sounds of his flute. The flutes are a dream, because he can make them and take them anywhere. Willy cannot make them because he doesn’t have the skills. This applies to the theme because Willy could have became successful selling flutes just like his father.
Bill Oliver had a pen; the pen factors into Biff’s future. When Biff steals the pen he realizes he doesn’t wanna be like his father. He figures out he doesn’t wanna be a salesman like his father was. He chooses to go a different path way in his life and Willy doesn’t like it. Willy wants Biff to do what he did and become a salesman. Biff doesn’t want to though and Willy doesn’t take it to well he keeps trying to have Biff become a salesman.
Seeds represent Willy both as a salesman and a father. His desperate, attempt to grow vegetables signifies his shame about barely being able to put food on the table for his family when he passes. Willy feels that he has worked hard but fears that he will not be able to help his family any more than his own abandoning father helped him. The seeds also symbolize Willy’s sense of failure with

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