Symbols In A Tale Of Two Cities

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Novel Review

1. The A Tale of Two Cities title is significant because it is a story about two cities which are London and Paris.

2. Biographical information and Significance to the work-
· Charles Dickens lived in London which is one of the cities in the book
· Working in The Frozen Deep, he ended up coming up with the main idea of the story
· The character, Sydney Carton, resembles the character Dickens played in The Frozen Deep which is Richard Wardour
· Lucie Manette was inspired by his lover Ellen Ternan’s character in The Frozen Deep which is also named Lucy.

3. Important Events-
· Dr. Manette was thrown in prison in the North Tower at the Bastille
· Charles Darnay revealing his true identity
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Symbol: symbolism is shown a lot throughout the book. One symbol is scarecrow. Scarecrow is mentioned at the least three times throughout the book. Scarecrow is the symbolism for the peasants. Another symbol is when the wine basket broke and the red wine filled the streets. This symbolized the future of the revolution as the streets will soon be filled with blood rather than just wine.
Imagery: Charles Dickens uses a lot of imagery within A Tale of Two Cities. One imagery example is when Madame Defarge puts the rose in her hair and everyone in the wine shop stopped talking and/or left. This is imagery because you can see how just a simple rose meant something huge. Later finding out that it was a sign that a spy was in proximities.
Tone: The tone in A Tale of Two Cities changes many times throughout the book. When Dickens was explaining how the Marquis needed four people to pour his hot chocolate was an example of a sarcastic tone. Then when the revolution began the tone was more of a dark and ominous tone.
Diction and Syntax: Charles Dickens uses Diction and Syntax more than anything. Though using this adds more of a poetic feel to it. Without the choice of words and how they form into a sentence would take away a lot of the books
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I thought that A Tale of Two Cities is a genius book. At first it was hard to understand and sort of boring but once things started coming together it was much more interesting to read. I loved that everything came together and there was nothing left confusing. I think one of my favorite parts was when Ms. Pross killed Madame Defarge because Ms. Pross is a very boring character in which you wouldn’t expect her to do such a thing. I find the ending very beautiful and how it was Sydney Carton finishing the story from heaven. I think Charles Dickens did a great job with the little details as well. For example, when Madame Defarge put a rose in her hair to tell those around that a spy was in the building. I also loved Mr. Crunchers change at heart at the end of the story when he claimed he wouldn’t hurt his wife anymore. The only thing I don’t care for was how annoying Lucie Manette was. She seems like that girl in class that cries about everything and is super dramatic. I also wish that Dickens would’ve added more characteristics to little Lucie. Over all, I believe A Tale of Two Cities is a very complex but amazing book and I would definitely read it

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