Symbols And Development Of James Kite Runner Essay

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Symbols and Development of Character in Kite Runner
In Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner the main character, Amir goes through a series of obstacles and among these obstacles, items and even people were purposely overlooked due their lack of symbolism. But Hosseini displaces the need of symbols to their potential to sway the audience of their effective use in a religious relation or relationship between friends and family to further develop Amir and Hassan or Amir and Baba.
The use of the pomegranate tree as a symbol and Hosseini actively exhibits a message that relates to both Amir and readers: although the bonds between two friends may break and fade away, “a kinship that time could not break” can still remain even after parting (Khaled Hosseini 11). The pomegranate tree was near the entrance to the cemetery and had the names “Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul…Hassan and I climbed its branches and snatched its blood-red pomegranates” (Hosseini 30). While Amir and Hassan are young and carefree and as close as a servant and master can be, they carve their names in the tree, and it bears fruit. Thus, the tree symbolizes their bloomed relationship.
Over the course of the novel, as Amir and Hassan’s relationship progresses, the reoccurrence of the pomegranate tree appears more significant because it exhibits traits of the characters’ moments at its peaks. For instance, when Amir interrogated Hassan with unexpected questions under the pomegranate tree, “What would…

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