Essay about Symbolism Of William Faulkner 's A Rose For Emily

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Symbolism is a form of communication to carry the meaning through the use of symbols. For example, the devil can be described as evil, dark, lure and sin. God, for many people can symbolize hope, a cross, a dove and faith. Colors may also be used as a symbol. When you’re approaching a stoplight, the color green means you can go, the color orange means to proceed with caution, and lastly the color red embodies to stop. The metaphor life is a roller coaster is symbolic because it indicates that there will be good times and bad times in life that you’ll just have to face. He is a rock is symbolic because it demonstrates that he is strong and dependable. Love is a jewel signifies that love is rare and precious.
In 1861, William Faulkner’s story, “A Rose for Emily”, Emily has a father that is very protective and doesn’t allow any men to approach her. She is isolated growing up and never dates anyone, but after her father’s death she had a mental breakdown and kept her dad at her house for three days. Later on she gives up her father to the priest. Emily has to pay taxes but refuses to pay them because she said that Colonel Sartoris remitted her taxes. Colonel Sartoris invented a story that Emily’s father had loaned money to the town, so he said this was a way of repaying. She later meets a man named Homer Barron and falls in love with him. Homer Barron is categorized as a non-marrying type. Homer Barron was a contractor for paving the sidewalks and he was also a Yankee. Homer…

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