The Oppression Of Women In The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins

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Vast catastrophe of one’s life “The Yellow wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkin is a journal an entry written by a woman who becomes obsessed by the wallpaper because her husband has confined her to the bedroom of a house. The narrator uses symbols to demonstrate the oppression of women by men and the struggle for equality during the 1800s. Also, these three symbols show the women’s imprisonment, inevitable madness, and isolation that end in despair.
First of all, the yellow wallpaper itself is one of the significant symbol that represents the woman’s mind during this era and demonstrates the isolation and imprisonment that the women had to experience. This period is when women were forced to depend on males and cannot make any decisions. The fact
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The paper itself is not physically trapping her, but it acts like a psychological prison that portrays her fears and inner emotions. More importantly, the wallpaper in the room reflects the main character’s situation. There is a huge connection between the main character and the women shown in the wallpaper. The woman behind the wallpaper is trap just like the main character inside a marriage and who had no rights to express her emotion to anyone. I think the main character pretends to be happy and respect her husband by obeying his instructions, however, in reality she is fighting against her depression and try to search for her own identity. This may also represent women’s feeling of being lost in the hierarchical society, which is very oppressive. In addition, the yellow wallpaper that contains ugly patterns, and curves can portray woman's unstable emotions and shows that the narrator finds herself fall into a deeper depression. Her loneliness is strongly shown when woman states, “There are things in the wallpaper that nobody knows about but me, or ever will.” (313). This conveys an isolation because not even her husband knew what was going on with his wife because of working and did not listen or took his wife’s opinion too seriously. This can also tell that she does not have any self-control and leaves all decisions up to her husband and definitely demonstrates the social …show more content…
The three symbols such as yellow wallpaper, house and notebook emphasize the main theme and making the story more complex and interesting. These symbols illustrate the physical and mental difficulties that the women had to experience also represent the struggle for all women during the period. I felt angry and had desire to free this main character from her husband so that she could be liberate and do whatever she wants without any restriction. I think the author did an outstanding job of portraying the position of the women during this period and the hardship towards the

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