Of Mice And Men Symbolism

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John Steinbeck a famous writer in the early to mid 1900’s is famous for books such as The Grapes of wrath, Of Mice and Men, and Cannery Row. All of these books are about different things, but they all have one thing in common. Symbolism is the main concept in each book. In Mice of men he uses symbolism such as candy's dog, the mice, and the dream farm. Candy’s dog represents the fate that all people and living things come to. One day we are all going to grow old and sooner or later outlive our usefulness and become weak. Although candy’s dog was a good sheep dog back in the day and candy loves his dog with all of his heart he is now old and crippled. Therefore he is to weak in live in this world of working hard and trying to survive, so Carlson tells candy he has to put him down. Although candy still cares for his beloved pal he is not of use anymore and is …show more content…
The first image of mice in this novel is the dead mouse in Lennie's pocket at the beginning of the novel. All though Lennie did not mean to kill the mouse he just likes petting them because they are warm and soft, he kills the things he loves. The mice, his puppy, and curley’s wife (even though she probably deserved it) all were killed by Lennie because he does not know his own strength. However the mice represent vulnerability and the whims of everyone's destiny. Lennie’s puppy is another great example for this because it shows the power of people over the weak. Although Lennie is stronger physically than everyone he knows his mental strength, such as the puppies is his weak point and he cannot see the dangers that surround him. Lennie relates to this because all he wants his warmth and happiness, but instead at the end his vulnerability to George is what killed him. Although I feel that it was justified because Lennie took people's lives and was ultimately mentally ill, it was his own weaknesses that led to his demise. (sparknotes “of mice and men

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