Symbolism In Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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To a journalist he gives the report on the suppression of savage customs for publication, if the journalist sees fit. When Marlow visits her, she was dressed in black and still deep in mourning, although it was more than a year since Kurtz 's death. She presses Marlow for information, asking him to repeat Kurtz 's final words, which in fact are "The horror! The horror!” (117)Uncomfortable, Marlow lies and tells her that Kurtz 's final word was her name.
` Apart from this introductory chapter next main chapter in this dissertation under the title, “Symbolism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and lord Jim”

SYMBOLISM IN CONRAD’S HEART OF DARKNESS “A symbol was a verbal or a visual equivalence of subjective
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According to Maupassant “a great artist sees the essential in everything”. (45) Conrad follows this view and he is concerned with the symbolic qualities of experience. He makes use of not only colour form and movement, but also shifts of perspective, stylistic and tonal variations and many other devices. In fact Conrad wants his readers to see beyond the merely illusive reality. Conrad’s symbolism in some of his important novel was to be discussed in this chapter.
Heart of Darkness is a highly symbolic story. Almost all the characters are symbolic. Kurtz, the main character, is the symbol of greed for gold, callousness, materialism and savagery of the colonizers.
Kurtz also symbolizes the instinctive the irrational and the evil hidden in the sub conscious of Marlow evil self what Marlow could have become had he stayed longer in the heart of darkness he had been without that devotion to duty which helps him to maintain his place. In the words
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The city of London symbolizes the dark of light, civilization and barbarism. The Buddha-posture of Marlow is a symbolic of his desire for self knowledge. It symbolizes the inner illumination and insight which he gains through his Congo Voyage. Heart of Darkness has high symbolic significance. It implies a deeper meaning in what has been written than meets than eye. Every character and every situation means superficial view. Conrad uses both these to give the vivid facts of the story, but intention is to reveal the evasive truth behind these facts. Critics tried to trace various levels of symbolism in the narration of the novel. Every major character of the novel Heart of Darkness is imbued with some or the other kind of symbolism. Kurtz and Marlow are highly symbolic characters. Kurtz is the central character, who symbolizes several things Heart of Darkness is not the heart of central Africa but darkness into which Kurtz has descanted”. Marlow has an equally symbolic role in the story. He is the symbol of the spirit of adventure and a love of Knowledge. In fact Marlow is no less than Tennyson’s Ulysses whose aim of life is “To strive, to seek, to find, not to yield” (98). Marlow had always cherished a dream of being a fresh water

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