Essay on Sylvia Plath 's Life Of Immense Challenges

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Sylvia Plath lived a short life of only 30 years, but in those 30 years she achieved more than some people do in double that time. She drew material from the troubles she faced throughout her life and showed true promise. Sylvia Plath lived a life of immense challenges, highlighted by a brief but bright literary career that ended much too soon. Sylvia Plath was born on 27 October 1932 to parents Aurelia and Otto Plath, who were both immigrants and intellectuals (Kirk 36). Throughout her early development, Aurelia kept detailed records of all of Plath’s milestones, recording the poet’s first attempts at language between six and eight weeks of age (Kirk 37). When Plath’s brother Warren was born, Aurelia began to teach her phonics to ease her jealousy. Plath developed quickly, reading simple books by 4 and writing poetry at 5 (Kirk 41). At the age of 4 she began half-day first grade, before most children did, and excelled. One of the events of Plath’s life that greatly affected her was the death of her father. Otto Plath’s health had begun to fail in the summer of 1935, and by fall of 1937 he could barely get through the work week. As his condition worsened the children were separated from their father so he could rest. After Otto had eaten dinner the children were allowed to see him for 30 minutes of his attention. It was at this point that Sylvia began to write and recite poetry to cheer her father up, creating a connection between poetry and approval (Kirk 43). Otto Plath…

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