Sylvia Plath the Colossus Essay

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The Colossus by Sylvia Plath as an example of ideology or feminist writing.

You may begin by commenting on the different definitions available for ideology in general as well as the theory of feminism. Feminism is discussed in this course as an example of modern theories and is often associated with the issue of ideology. Your discussion should refer to the discussion of these terms as well as the major elements connected to them (e.g. gender, écriture feminine, patriarchy, etc.). In your analysis of the poem you may want to ask questions concerning Plath’s personal life and her relationship to male figures in her family. Do you read the poem as a personal or a political poem? Would you characterize Plath as a feminist poet? Always
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• U can refer to the critics Simone de Beauvoir and Julia Kristeva
• When U link the critic's opinion ,ask yourself this Qs
• Is the form and content of the work influenced by the author’s gender?
• What ideological values that the author try to enhance?
U can start with the famous quote by Simone de Beauvoir in The Second Sex, “One is not born a woman, one becomes one.” To show the ideology of Gender and Language(from Block 3).

(‘Ideology, Gender and Language’)

What is the era of discussion here?

• U will take about literature and gender ( feminism ),"How the literary text is analyzed based on the way in which gender is presented textually".
• It focuses on how feminity ( woman's self realization , woman's unique self and her specially female understanding and experience ."
• U will discuss the female style of writing ( feminist approach ) in contrast with the male style, U can say female style emphasis on sensation and emotion , this is shown clearly in Sylvia Plath poetry ,it is full of private emotions and sentiments , her poetry falls under the genre of " confessional poetry " as I mentioned above.

In discussing the point of ideology and feminism, u will talk about the ideological structures of gender in society . U may develop a thesis raised by Simone De Beauvoir which

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