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Official TCC Course Syllabus
Discipline Prefix: ITD Credit Hours: 4 Contact Hours: 4 Course Number: 260 Course Section: H01B Lecture Hours: 4 Studio Hours: Clinical Hours: Semester: Fall 2014 Lab Hours: Course Title: Database Modeling and Design

Meeting Days/Time/Location: Wednesday, 8:00 pm – 9:40 pm, ATC – H207

Instructor Information
Name: John Clary Office Location: ATC – H207 Office Hours: Immediately before and after class, other times and locations by appointment Contact Information: Blackboard site:

Course Information
Course Description
Introduces life cycle application development methodologies in a systematic approach to developing relational databases and designing applications.
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Measurable Learning Outcomes
• • • • • • • • • • • • • Design a relational database Design and use an ERD (entity relational diagram) Describe and use Star Schemas Describe and use Snowflake Schemas Develop the methods to design a data warehouse Describe the importance of data within an organization Identify the various levels of decision support systems Describe the importance of system modeling Analyze user information requirements to develop data models Design and interpret conceptual data models Develop a relational database design from an entity-relationship model Identify and correct poor database designs Define the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) as used in an IT environment

Topics Covered in the Course
• • • • • • • Database definitions and terminology Data management concepts Information in organizations CASE tools Design objectives Functional and business process modeling Data modeling (normalization, relationships, ERDs, standards) Page 2 of 8

• • • • • •

Data integrity Data structure and architecture Design methodologies System analysis Data warehousing (multi-dimensional data, OLAP, data mining) Object oriented concepts

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