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Office Hours - BUS 344
TUES/THURS: 10am – Noon
Office Hours - BUS 344
TUES/THURS: 10am – Noon
Denise Kleinrichert, Ph.D.
San Francisco State University email: Seminar – Business & Society (BUS 682)
Fall 2013 – Tuesdays

Course Objectives: This course emphasizes the theories and practices of the ethical, social, environmental, political, and legal aspects of business decision-making and leadership practices. These areas reflect the mutual impacts of profit, non-profit and government organizations in the U.S. and globally on business stakeholders. Course activities will hone your critical analysis and interpersonal verbal,
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Due: At start of class – sharp!
Grading: 0 - 100 pts / 0 – 50 pts [0 for failure to show / points reduction for late start - NO make-ups]

Course Grading: * Total course points goal = 600 pts - converted to letter grades, including pluses and minuses (see grade scale posted on iLearn). I do not round up points or curve grades. Keep in mind: At least two hours of study is expected in preparation for each hour of class (see SFSU Grading Policy and Systems in your Student Handbook). * Extra Credit points: Volunteer at a local nonprofit organization or event for a minimum of 2 hours, submit documentation and tell the class about your experience (10 pts). Some campus Business Speaker events (5 pts each speaker event/max 10 pts credit) may be eligible for extra credit – a sample list of optional volunteer organizations and speaker activities are posted on iLearn throughout the semester.

* Academic Standards: Course policies regarding Academic Dishonesty: cheating (copying, sharing information, submitting parallel work, or looking at/using another current or past student’s work) on a Quiz; plagiarism (copying any wording from any source, the text or other books, or internet websites for a Forum, Quiz or Case Study slides); deception (providing false information regarding submitted Forum, Quiz or Case Study). I check internet and online sources. Academic dishonesty by any student will result in 0 points grading on that Forum, Quiz or Case Study, a

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