Swot Analysis : The International Company Apple Essay

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According to the words of Teece (1997) it is the duty of the managers to develop, create and integrate competencies for managing the changes in the market place. We know the fact that a lot of the global organizations are facing different internal and external issues. In order for managing these organization has to develop capabilities and skills for attaining the sustainable competitive advantage (Pisano et al 2016, p.501). While analyzing the international company Apple we can understand that the company effectively developed core capabilities to become best company in the world. Now we can analyze the dynamic capabilities of Apple that helped to attain the competitive advantage.
As per the report of Business Insider (2015) from 2006 to 2008 the company regarded as the most innovative company in the world. According to the words of Pisano (1997) resource based approach helps the companies for managing the changes in the productive way.
Dynamic capabilities of Apple
• Strategic Leadership
While analyzing the smart phone segment we can understand that the leaders effectively understand the needs of the customers they integrated with the business strategy of Apple. Steve Jobs sensed the interest and needs of the customers and he used hand held design for attracting the customers.
• Technological Innovator
The company also developed capabilities in digital right management for managing the competition in an effective way. The company introduced user-friendly devices and…

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