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1.Location of the stores are in or near crowded places. It usually has a lot of foot traffic (school, malls, train stations, recreation areas, etc) It's an advantage that Hen Lin stores are located in crowded places and exposed to a lot of prospective customers.
2.The company joins activities that can help it become (more)well-known.
3.The Hen Lin mascot. It helps get prospective customers' attention (esp. that the mascot can dance)
4.The food products itself are satisfactory to the taste based from the consumers.
5.The crews are accommodating and friendly
6.The prices are affordable. Some customers even describe Hen Lin as “Chinese version of McDonalds” due to its affordability.
7.Hen Lin let
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3.Franchise fee has increased that made some potential franchisees hard to franchise Hen Lin.


1.The growing technology and growing population of internet users. Social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) is definitely part of people's everyday lives. It is an excellent medium that can be used to have the product advertised.
2.The food market, while somewhat effected by economic downturns is somewhat immune because food in many forms is a basic necessity.
3.Increase in sales from university-related and other events.
4.The company may sponsor events which can also be a form of advertisement.
5.Increasing number of shopping centers. The opening up of shopping centers and community supermarkets both in Metro Manila and in key provincial cities will provide lucrative venues for fast food/ food stalls.


1.Increasing number of restaurants/food chains that serve high-quality fast food.
2.Potential competition from larger, well established competitors.
3.Unstable economy of the country may affect consumer's ability to purchase.
4.Increase of rice flour and sugar price. Rice flour and sugar are needed for Hen Lin's Buchi, Hopia, Dim Sum and wrapper for Siomai.
5.Increasing cost of Petroleum Gas. It is a one of the major factors every company face. Except for logistics purposes, gasoline is

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