Susan Mullin 's ' Agreement Essay

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Susan Mullin agrees to encourage Tevia McNeil to speak with both her parents where she is to inform them of how she is doing in school, home life, and extracurricular activities. Susan Mullin will review from time to time the call detail records of Tevia’s phone to ensure that she spends sufficient time speaking with both parents.

In the event, that Susan Mullin finds that Tevia has not spoken with one or both parents within a two-week period; she will be immediately instructed to contact the parent that she has failed to communicate with. If Tevia should refuse to contact the parent, Susan Mullin will contact the parent to see if she should restrict Tevia’s privileges until such time that she has decided to contact the parent.

Similarly, Susan Mullin agrees that she will encourage Tevia to contact either her brother or another relative on her mother’s side preferably her grandmother on a monthly basis. This does not mean that it will mean the same relative. In like manner, Susan will review the call detail record of Tevia’s phone to ensure that this is occurring. In the event that she finds out Tevia has not contacted another relative, she will warn Tevia that she needs to do so. If Tevia refuses to contact another relative on her mother side of the family on a monthly basis she will loose privileges until she corrects her deficiency.
Communicating With Parents
Susan Mullin agrees to contact Tevia’s parents immediately in the event that Tevia injures…

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