Susan Celeste Kearney 's ' Tough Girls ' A Rough Game ' Essay example

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This paper explores two recent articles, ‘Tough Girls in a Rough Game’ written by Mary Celeste Kearney (2011) and ‘From Riot Grrrls to roller derby? Exploring the relations between gender, music and sport’ written by Adele Pavlidis (2012), which focus on female athletes in roller derby and how women are subjected to patriarchy in sports. This essay compares how both of these articles discuss patriarchy and gender norms. However, the articles differ, in how Kearney (2011) discusses how women are represented as dramatic and sexualised in the television show, Rollergirls; whereas, Pavlidis (2012) explains how roller derby, in reality, empowers women.

Kearney’s (2011) article focuses on an American television series, Rollergirls, and the way it was produced and promoted (p. 284). Kearney (2011) states her opinion of how roller derby upsets gender norms as a women sport that contains provocativeness and aggressiveness. She explains how women and female athletes are publicised in the media in their ‘traditional’ ways that are specific to their gender. Kearney (2011) also discusses the way Rollergirls was produced and promoted and what that says about the way unconventional women and female athletes are publicised in the media.

Pavlidis’ (2012) article focuses on the positive aspect of what roller derby in Australia, as a women’s sport, empowers women and creates a space that allows them to ‘experience themselves’ (p. 166). She discusses the links between roller derby and music…

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