Susan B. Anthony Essay

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In the early 18th century, the 19th amendment was passed in order to allow women to have the right to vote. There were many women who thought it was only fair if they had the same rights as men, but most were too scared to speak up about the situation. Susan B. Anthony was one of the few women who spoke out in favor of women 's rights, thus becoming one of the most important women in the fight for women 's suffrage.
Susan B. Anthony was the child of Daniel and Lucy Read Anthony, she was born on February 15th, 1820 in Adam Massachusetts. Anthony was number two of eight kids. Susan and her siblings were raised in a Quaker family who belonged to a Quaker church, this group of people believed that all humans should be equal and no one is different from another other. Quakers wore plain clothes and rarely played games, danced, or listened to music. As a child, Susan enjoyed wandering in the woods, and picking wild flowers. Two things that Susan greatly enjoyed doing was studying wildlife and watching the sunset at night. At the young age of 12, Susan began to work on her father 's mill, at the age of 16, Susan was a private tutor for a family. Due to the way her father was, Susan and her siblings learned how to read and write at a very young age. She was taught the same things that her brothers were taught and no one learned more than another everything was equal (Isaacs Pg.6; Colman Pg.12).
Growing up Susan always knew that men were treated differently from the females. In…

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