Susan B. Anthony 's Early Life And Upbringing Essay

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Can people consider America a free country if not all the citizens have the same rights? A free country needs free people. The citizens of the United States of America (mainly the women) have many more rights than they did 150 years ago. Susan B. Anthony (see Appendix A) audaciously led the United States in the direction of equal rights, and her legacy aided in the fulfillment of her goals and greatest desires. Susan B. Anthony’s early life and upbringing had a pointed influence on her beliefs and desires for a change in women’s rights. Her parents raised her in the Quaker religion. They believed that all humans are equal (Orr 19, Doug, History Wired). Throughout her campaign for equal rights, she shared her ideas openly. Her parents were also against the use of alcohol, which prompted her in the direction of supporting temperance (Orr 19).
However, during her campaign for equal rights, she put a pause on suffrage and started fighting for an end to slavery. After the civil war was over and black men had won the right to vote, she returned to finding a solution to the lack of women’s rights (Doug, Virginia). Susan was so driven because the struggle of rights was real to her. Susan’s mother had many trials because of her absence of rights, and she did not want any other women to be burdened by these trials. Much like countless other leaders, Susan was looking for a solution that would benefit many. Susan took it upon herself to fight for women to have the option to receive…

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