Surgery : A Life Changing Tool For Weight Loss Essay

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Bariatric Surgery: A Life Changing Tool for Weight Loss
Obesity has become a real health issue in most developed countries. In the USA, obesity cases among children has risen to more than double digits in recent years, and tripled among adolescents. This is attributed to changes in dietary varieties among other factors (Brethaue et. al., 2006, pp. 993-1007). Bariatric surgery is one of the several ways utilized as a remedy to this health hazard (Sewell & Rohrbough, 2008). This method has been used to aid in losing weight quicker, especially if other methods have failed. This report will discuss bariatric surgery and its effectiveness in weight loss among obese patients.
Bariatric surgery encompasses several procedures performed in order to help those with life threatening obesity (Sewell & Rohrbough, 2008). Prospective patients for this treatment are people with a body mass index of more than 40, or those with a body mass index of 35 coupled with a serious health condition that might become worse due to obesity, including diabetes and high blood pressure (Samelson, 2011). It is mostly done for health purposes, but at the same time, some undergo the procedure for cosmetic purposes.
There are two common forms of bariatric surgery that are available in most settings. These are the gastric band and the gastric bypass surgeries. In gastric band, the surgeons use a band to reduce the size of the stomach. This provides the effect of making one feel satisfied faster than normal,…

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