Supply Chain Management Essay

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YEAR 2010-2011

Global Supply Chain and Logistics



Aims and Summary

This module provides knowledge and a thorough understanding of the management of the distribution and logistics function in contemporary organisations. The module will introduce the core concepts and theories that are pre-requisite for the successful management of logistics within the overall context of the organisation. The overall fit of the logistics function will be explored in context of attaining and sustaining competitive advantage and world-class status for global organisations. The module will explore supply chain networks and the importance of supply chain management. Current logistical trends such as lean
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Excluded Combinations


Composition of module mark (including weighting of components)

30% Coursework and 70% Exam

Pass requirements

Coursework must be at least 35% and Exam must be at least 35% and Module Mark must be at least 40%

Special Features

The number of weeks will be flexible to reflect the nature of the students' enrolment

Course stages for which this module is mandatory

• BEST*** MSc Stage 1 Global Distribution Management • BEST056 MSc Stage 1 International Business

Course stages for which this module is a core option


Intended Module Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students will be able to: 1. Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the complex organisational relationships of managing inventory, managing capacity and replenishment policies in the context of customer satisfaction and modern business constraints.

2. Analyse and critique a range of current and emerging global logistics & supply chain practices, trends and any subsequent issues that may arise.

3. Recommend and justify the

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