Essay Supply Chain Management And Operations Management

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People, information, and products move around us constantly. As such, we are able to maintain all that is the world that surrounds us. We as humans need to satisfy our demands and needs as consumers of the global enterprise. To keep it all running, there are those involved in the world of supply chain and operations that strive daily to match the pace of a world that fails to ever slow down. With new technologies driving new trends, it is mind-boggling to even being to consider the complexities that go on with supply chain and sustaining operations. That is why we must start by looking at the basics of supply chain management and operations management.

History of Supply Chain
What is supply chain? This is a term that, since the 80’s, has become prominent in the business realm as companies seek to make their operations sleeker and more efficient. Going back to the term “supply chain”, in essence, is a network that ranges from the supplier of raw materials to the manufacturer to the retailer and ends at the end user. Managing this network is referred to as supply chain management, and it has spurred millions if not billions of dollars of investment from companies globally to ensure that they all stay efficient and ahead of the game. The responsibility of managing a company’s supply chain has created numerous careers and other opportunities as more and more methodologies and ideologies come about in that field.
Supply chain’s roots can be traced back to the textile…

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