Supernatural Essay

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Gothic fiction in television has taken the world by storm. Everyday there is something that relates to the gothic side of society. Television shows have such a great impact on society that anywhere a person looks, there is always someone talking about things that happen on television that they almost cannot avoid hearing about it. Any television show is going to have an impact on people in general, but some have a greater affect than others. Eric Kripke, the master mind behind the hit television show Supernatural, includes mystery, suspense, and characters that no one has ever seen. People look for these aspects in any television show that hits the screen. Each season builds upon another, and each episode gets a tad more intense. By using these aspects of this show, things that people never thought were possible, enter into the real world. American Horror Story is another show that everyone is talking about. Ryan Murphy uses the same curiosity that Kripke does, but instead of building upon every season, each season is a section of its own. Every season has a different story line, between a “Monster House,” all the way to a murderous …show more content…
The house is a so called trap and if you die on the premises then your spirit is stuck there. Murphy has also made a story line along with this “murder house.” Tate, a teenager who was a mass murder at his school, was killed in the house and is now stuck. Violet, the teenage daughter who just moved into the house, has now fallen in love with Tate. Through stress and anxiety, Violet commits suicide and Tate hides her dead body in the basement. Drama arises when Violet’s parents decide to move yet she cannot leave because she is a spirit stuck in the house. Ryan Murphy has taken the fear of ghosts and spirits and turned it around into a teenage love story and how family stays

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