Superiority Of Men Over Women Essay example

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Superiority of Men Over Women A man and women is a figure of a partnership; a partnership that strengthen an individual whereas frequently, men has been leading this partnership and women for most of the supports her partner. For instance, one leader or a king who leads their kingdom to success and prosperity is mostly a man with his wife supporting him. One example that points out that a man leads its kingdom is the Menkaure and Khamerernebty statue; it is a sculpture from Egypt c. 2490-2472 B.C.E. where two great people are sculpted. Menkaure is the Pharaoh of Egypt while Khameremebty is his great royal wife during the Old Kingdom 4th Dynasty. The couple stands proudly erect, facing straight ahead as they are representing a youthful bodies with no sign of age. Both of the king and queen have similar facial expression with “prominent eyes, a fleshy nose, rounded cheeks, and full mouth with protruding lower lip.” (khanacademy).
The sculpture of Menkaure and Khamerernebty portrays the superiority of men over women. King Menkaure is one step ahead than Queen Khamerernebty that portrays that man has more control and power over woman. The Queen’s left arm is wrapped around the king’s body, and her right hand holding the king’s right arm that shows the care and support of the queen to her king. The King does not present any gesture of affection to his wife in the statue which could show weakness to his people’s view. The queen shows support to her king by leaning and being…

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