Sundiat Epic Of Old Mali Essay

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The book Sundiata: Epic of Old Mali suggests several different ways on the nature of human life in medieval West Africa. The Mali Empire was a large empire and Islam was the primary religion that this empire used. However Mali was a province of the Bambara kings those who are called today the Mandingo (Niane pg.2). Niane starts off the book with the strong statement,”I am a griot” showing pride fullness in an occupation which is could be a storyteller, musician, or traveling poet. The griot is what represents survival in the Medieval West Africa. The griot Djeli Mamoudou Kouyate is the one who tells us the story of Sundiata. One of the main themes in this book was history/legacy and remembrance, this theme was constantly revisited in this book. “I teach kings the history of their ancestors so that the lives of the ancient might serve as an example, for the world is old, but the future springs from the past (Niane pg. 1). This suggests that the history/legacy and remembrance is told by storytelling and the way that the empire knows the story of Sundiata is based on the stories told from the griots that are past down to other another. This is so that the history/legacy will remain and it will be remembered. Furthermore, storytelling is a major key in this empire as the griot states, “My word is pure and free of all untruth; it is the word of my father; it is the word of my father’s father. I will give you my father’s words just as I received them; royal griots do not…

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