Sun Yat Sen 's Achievements Essays

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There were many motivations to Sun Yat-sen’s achievements. When we trace back to China in 1894, the domestic situation is so urgent due to Manchu government 's decadent rule and the informal colonization by imperialist countries. The Sino-Japanese war in 1894-1895 uncovered the weakness of Qing dynasty and the stagnation of China. It upset the old equilibrium and toppled the hierarchy of Chinese culture. After the Treaty of Shimonoseki, which was an unequal treaty that asked for territory and huge compensation, more European imperialist power began to “carve the China melon” . They didn’t violently conquer this country but informally colonized it by exploiting the markets, building railways, taking the legislative and political right the administrative region. In the wave of imperialist countries dividing China in 1897-98, Shandong was leased by Germany, Liaodong by Russian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan by French, and lower Yangzi River by Britain . At the moment of tragedy and emergency, Manchu governors, led by Dowager Empress Cixi, kept yielding and compromising with the imperialist policies. Manchu governors already created resentment among Han people, who are the principle ethnic group, as they replaced the dominance of Han for thousands of years. The decadent rule of Qing government evoked the patriotism among different social classes in China; however, none of their attempts succeeded. The Boxer uprising, which aimed to expel the foreigners, was one of the…

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