Summary of 13 Chapters of Belize Essay

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This is a summary of the 13 chapters of a history of Belize by Assad Shoman. It entails tables, maps and boxes, acknowledgments, foreword, introduction, map of Belize, then the thirteen chapters, notes, bibliography and index. It has 323 pages, 13 pictures, 16 tables, 3 maps, and 3 boxes.
Assad shoman’s engaging about the social, political and economic history of Belize compelling relates the rich history of the peoples of Belize to the present condition in which the country finds itself. He scrutinizes some of the most culturally and politically sensitive aspects of Belize’s history, without flinching and with a passionate viewpoint. Assad not only presents us with the historical data, but offers us some explanation and interpretation of
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Typically there are no laws protecting their rights. The following subtopics informs us about the way slaves escape the hard conditions that they are experiencing and the way they come back to the settlement to revolt and after which the emancipation act was passed, which then ended the slavery in 1840. Throughout this particular chapter it talks about the slave society in Belize and the harsh conditions that they experience and how both male and female slaves resisted their masters. The male slaves are the one to lead the way to obtain their freedom and the women are the ones who had to make a decision either to abandon her children on the plantation or take them with her through the unfamiliar jungle. Slavery all began when Christopher Columbus discovered the new world and established settlement for other Europeans to come and inhabit the area. Some of the typical jobs for male slaves were to cut logwood and mahogany which were the main export at that time, women were the ones to make and tend to the plantations and feed the family when the males are not there. However, this came to an abrupt halt after a law is passed for permitting slaves to cultivate crops for themselves. Over all these years, some slaves escaped to the Spanish territories who claim that they will protect the slaves. The Spanish territories

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