Essay on Summary : ' The Battle Of Good And Evil '

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Socratic Club Essay Good and Evil. The two forces that are always in opposition throughout the entirety of our lives. This opposition is seen everywhere we go. It might be in school, work, athletics, or even at home. There seems to be one way that we deem good, and the other is automatically deemed ‘bad’ or evil. This constant opposition from the two forces has come to be known as Dualism. Now the idea of Dualism itself is not so hard to grasp. The battle of good and evil is all around us. Many believe this idea adamantly, while others do so without knowing all of what Dualism is. There are a few rules that make Dualism a harder idea to grasp, especially for religious folk. In Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis takes the ideas of Dualism and rejects them. That’s not to say that he doesn’t believe in good and evil, though he doesn’t believe in the more intricate details of the idea as a whole. A few of the ideas that C.S. Lewis talks about are the idea of ‘evil’ being an incorrect term, and the equality of the two beings (good and evil), and I’ll be making a few connections to other works that follow along with Mr. Lewis’s thoughts. First off, and possibly most important, is looking at how we describe good and evil. We all have an idea of actions that are good and what is bad in our lives. When we see someone do something that we don’t agree with, we call that act ‘bad’ and compare it to the good acts that we believe are right. When we look in depth at these…

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