Summary Of Three Day Road By Joseph Boyden Essay

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Character narrators are a way of looking at scenes through an individual’s eyes. Using this point of view creates a more personal story, but it can also form a biased, unreliable view. By introducing a second character narrator, the reader is given a second point of view that enforces the first narrator and strengthens the story. In Three Day Road, Joseph Boyden gives two character narrators, Xavier and Niska. The present narrative is of the characters travelling down the river to Niska’s home in the bush, after Niska has retrieved Xavier from the train station, home from World War I. During this journey, Niska tells stories and reflects on her past as Xavier, in a morphine-dazed state, recalls his experiences in the war. Niska serving as a secondary main character, Joseph Boyden uses this technique of two narrators to support Xavier’s story, as he is given the role as the protagonist. This provides a deeper understanding of the cultural background and works to build a strong relationship between the two characters. This technique strengthens and stabilizes the inner aspects of Boyden’s narrative, aspects of the Cree lifestyle, experiences with the white settlers, and the bond between his two character narrators. To support Xavier’s story, Boyden allows Niska’s character to tell stories and reflect on past experiences. This gives a cultural foundation for both of the characters, creates a setting of the past that Xavier has not experienced, and sets up a background of…

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