Summary Of ' The Raven ' Essay

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Loss and grief can turn to madness if you let yourself explore your thoughts. One can become insane just by thinking about a once gloomy past. The terrors from before can haunt and make you see things which were not there last. Imagination starts to work and you’ve dug your hopes real fast. That’s exactly what this grieving narrator of “The Raven” had to bore. This was through the unexpected loss of his beloved Lenore. The narrator of “The Raven,” creates this frightening yet sophisticated bird, named Nevermore which he himself thought was very absurd. All a segment of his imagination was this bird in my opinion, which he uses to express the mind’s very own dominion. He uses Nevermore as a symbol of the negativity, that is going on inside his thoughts and his memory. Nevermore is the part of his thoughts that keep him hopeless and insane. We see the narrator ask a hopeful question and the raven disappoints with his famous word of pain. “The Raven” is the hopelessness that we have deep in our thoughts, when we’ve lost someone dear and loving in the unfortunate past. That loss ultimately makes us all a bit insane, and a bit mad, and brings these senseless creatures to haunt us and keep us sad. Digging deep into the first stanzas, we realize that this man, is a mourning man that has lost his only lamb. Lenore is with the angels as they call her with her name, and she is now nameless in the earth. Her name just causes pain. He is going crazy with the fact that now he is lonely.…

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