Summary Of The Poem Disabled

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“Disabled” is one of Owen’s more distressing and emotive poems. It was written when he was still in hospital after suffering from injuries sustained from the battlefield. In the poem, Owen describes the present through images that the soldier sees with his own eyes after his “accident” and describes the past with flashbacks of the soldiers “old” life. He does this in order to show his readers the significant change that soldiers go through after coming back from war. The overall aim of this poem is to make readers more aware to the effect war has on an ordinary soldier and how they feel abandoned and isolated after fighting a courageous war for their country.

The first stanza opens with the depressing description of a retired
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How this time of day, the town would be most lively and how “girls glanced lovelier as the air grew dim”. This phrase tells us how the girls would become more inviting deeper into the night. It can be inferred from the next phrase “before he threw away his knees” that it was the soldiers own carelessness that lead to him losing his legs. It can also be inferred that the soldier regrets losing his legs for he knows that he will never be able to be in a serious relationship in his current state and he will “never feel again how slim / Girls’ waists are, or how warm their subtle hands”. In the next line, he tells us how girls now think of him after his injuries; “a queer disease”. This is another phrase that gives us the impression that he is somewhat abandoned by society. After the first two stanzas, it is clear how the author compares the contrast between the soldier’s days before and after the war. The author compares the past and present to show how unfair society can be, especially to soldiers who risk their life for the country. At the end of line 12 the author decides not to rhyme anything with the word “hands” to show how the soldier will never be in a pair …show more content…
This form of rhythm is only used for extremely important characters and roles. He uses the iambic pentameter to show respect to soldiers who have fought courageously in the war defending their nation. However, in lines 10 - 40, the author adds an extra foot. The author does this in order to further emphasize on the point that he will never experience the same past ever again. The poem is also not written in a chronological order; Owen does this to create a comparison between the soldier’s life before and after the war. This comparison is used to engage the reader and make the reader sympathize with the soldier through the substantial change in terms of appearance, mental stability and treatment. Owen uses the example of the one “disabled” soldier to symbolize all the young men that enlisted to the army to fight in a fearsome war only to be unwelcomed by their own

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