Essay about Summary Of ' The Pest House Of Jaffa '

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One of the most amazing pieces of artwork located at the New Orleans Museum of Art is the sketch for “The Pest House of Jaffa”. This piece of art work was done by the French history and neoclassical painter Antoine-Jean Gros in 1804. This painting is an oil painting on canvas and has the approximate dimensions of 12 x 24 inches. The painting was commissioned by Vivant Denon for Napoleon. The painting is a sketch that is depicting Napoleon Bonaparte in the city of Jaffa visiting soldiers that are infected with the bubonic plague. In the painting it depicts a building with no ceiling in view, two windows and one door. The room is filled with soldiers that appear to be sick and are placed surrounding the walls, some are standing with the majority laying on the floor with their arms extended in what seems like an intent to reach their leader. Napoleon is in the center of the building and your eyesight immediately rotates towards him. He is holding a victim which the artist clearly intends in portraying him as heroic and unflinching to the soldier’s sickness. Napoleon is placed at the center of the room with a window placed behind him providing him with plenty like light. He is the brightest figure in the painting. There is an additional window placed at the same height as the center window in the left wall. The colors of Napoleon uniform are more vivid compared to the other figures in the painting. As you look at the painting your eyes immediately rotate to…

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