Summary Of The Novel ' Netherland, Joseph O ' Neill Essay

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In the novel, Netherland, Joseph O’Neill tells the life of the main character, Hans Van Den Broek. Hans is a stockbroker who is from Holland while his wife, Rachel and son, Jake is from London. Hans is a man in his mid-thirties who does not know who he is and does not his place in the world, and he is motivated to achieve his American Dream. The American Dream for Hans is to find his identity, so he moves his family to New York and quickly starts to detach himself from them while he does so. As a child he did not grow up with a father because he died and his mother neglected him because of her grief from his father’s death. As a result Hans had no beliefs and values instilled him, which left him not knowing the importance of family and him willingly detaching himself from his family in order to do something more important to him. After he disconnected with his family, Hans becomes obsessed with the sport, cricket. A sport he used to play when he was younger and is now playing in his adult years. He plays cricket so obsessively because cricket is the only thing he is sure about in his life, it’s the only thing he can identify himself with. The implications of attempting to achieve his American Dream of finding his identity causes Hans to detach himself from his family in order to achieve his American Dream and as a result Hans uses cricket to identify himself. However, ultimately Hans discovers the true value of family as he tries to reconnect with his family and right his…

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