Summary Of ' The Night Of The Tree ' Essay

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Greta lay on the floor, surrounded by tatters of her ripped blouse, face down and suffocating in the carpet fibres and the scent of him. It clung to her throat, her wrists, her hips. Everywhere that he touched her, like cold fingers. She does not know what to do. Wasted tears stain her cheeks. Now she is motionless, emotionless. Memories flashed before her eyes. The evening bliss of the trees which led back to her wedding night, the satisfying relief of giving birth and the time she last felt a sense of belonging. Him. She was fallen upon the floor like a stick all because of him. His reckless ways and selfish doings, the love which he claims all trace back to 30 minutes ago. Sleeping was Greta’s getaway, somewhere where her mind could travel back to the simpler times. Though this night a nightmare struck, a nightmare which happened as fast as lightening. The pitch-black room and the dark figure of him on-top of her began this night. The resistance of her, the pressure of him, the pushing, the gasping, the sighing, the tears, the pain.

Days went by and Greta felt herself disappearing more than ever. She didn’t know him anymore. After the incident last year she felt he would help her become strong again and hold her like the way a stem holds up a flower. She was wrong. Day was easier than night. Day would allow her to breathe while he was away. Night would bring a sense of fright and anticipation. The day appears to consist of sunlight booming into the house with the fresh…

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