Summary Of ' The Night Of The Room ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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True to his word, Jed lead Holland to the fireplace that stood at the end of the room. As soon as she stepped foot inside, the chatter faded and everyone turned to face her. Holland was staring at the as well. She noticed that they were all Marked and but a small handful were clearly much older than the rest.
“Everyone please reconvene in the kitchen until I am finished speaking with my guest.” Jed said with authority, though he looked like he was only twenty two and the oldest person in the room looked in his forties.
They slowly began to rise, casting me last curious glances as they left out an opening on the other side of the room. Max and Lexi lingered, hoping to witness Jed’s conversation with Holland.
“You guys have to leave as well.” Jed told them, causing Lexi to frown.
Max hung his head but followed the last person out of the room. “You can’t just trust her.” Lexi said. “She came out of nowhere.” She reasoned.
Jed gave her an easy smile. “I’m sure I can handle myself against this pretty girl.” His words brought a blush to Holland’s face; Lexi’s face was red too, but not from embarrassment. She gave Jed and Holland dirty looks before stalking out.
Jed sighed and turned to Holland, giving her a questioning look. She said nothing though and just stared at the fire, mostly because the warm air felt so nice on her cold body that she could hardly think.
“Hey Lexi!” Jed suddenly called, loud enough that he could be heard in the next room. Lexi appeared instantly,…

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