Quixotic Characters In The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a slender beast of a novel. Written By Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald in April 1925. The novel is a virtuoso display of personality, Eloquently phrased and exquisitely plotted. The descriptions are jarringly beautiful. The novel is magnificently complex and rich. The Great Gatsby is a story of the thwarted love between a naive man and a careless woman however the main theme of the novel are much more complex and are of slightly less romantic scope. .This is a beautiful story that symbolizes the tragedy of the American Dream and shows how wealth affects people.The Great Gatsby is an extremely run of the mill examination on 1920s America as a rule, particularly the weakening of the American dream in a time of extraordinary …show more content…
Fitzgerald sees the American dream slowly but surely disintegrating in the 1920s, as America's becomes obsessed with materialism .
The story of the great Gatsby revolves around Jay Gatsby who also lends his name to the novel. Jay Gatsby is quixotic character. His reputation precedes him and Scott Fitzgerald holds back any revelation concerning Gatsby, until fairly late in the novel. As a reader many find themselves hating Gatsby at first infact most of the characters in The great Gatsby are very unlikable and the story at its most basic and simplest form isn’t very moving or compelling. Fitzgerald solves this problem by heightening the language and giving
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The novel’s symbolic geography: East Egg represents the established rich,, The families who inherited their money the sophisticated Victorian aristocrats, West Egg the selfmade rich “new money” the people to be despised. The bourgeoisie though having fine taste yet utterly lacking in the moral values of the world. They are utterly careless. The east Eggers. In the end Gatsby a degenerate criminal at the surface might have the better

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