Summary Of ' The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Brian swung his body from side to side intending to let me feel his excitement. The move fanned the fire that started beneath my skin. "I have been thinking about you, Isabel. I have been remembering what it felt like to be inside you. Christ baby, you do not understand how much I have missed you."

Placing his hands on my buttocks, he lifted me against the wall as I wrapped my legs around his waist, placing my hands around his neck. While he kissing me tenderly, he made a throaty sound against my lips, so carnal it awakened my desire for him. The kiss was gentle at the beginning, but soon became passionate while he still held me against the wall. He squeezing my buttocks, intertwined his fingers on my tong, ripped it off, and placed it in his pants pocket. Then, as I was lost in the sensation, he released his hold on me.

Once I was firmly on the ground, he said, "Until tomorrow, baby." Then, he opened my door, walked outside without looking back and disappeared into the night, leaving me confused and wanting more.


We arrived at the restaurant early. Brian handed the parking attendant his car key and walked around the car to open my door. As soon as we entered the restaurant, the hosted guided us to our table.

The restaurant was elegant and intimate. The lighting in the place was semi dark. You could see the silhouettes of the people dining at the restaurant, but you would have to stare to recognize them. As we were walking to our table, he…

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