Summary Of ' The Night ' By ' F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Earlier in the morning, Osomatsu had left to bury Todomatsu. Karamatsu had wanted to come too. His eldest brother had advised against it, saying it was best to stay home. He was sad that he won’t be able to bury Todomatsu with Osomatsu. It was probably for the best, seeing as he was slowly starting to gain a headache. He was getting rapid nosebleeds as well.

He wondered, how he had gotten sick. He had worn his mask, he had clean his hands, the house. Sure, his brothers’ were infected. That was because, they had gone outside and gotten hurt. Except, for Jyushimatsu who had accidentally left his mask at home. A fatal mistake.

He got nothing. Nothing doesn’t come to mind. Maybe, he got sick from touching his brothers? It was possible.


He glanced up and took notice of his brother leaning against the door frame. His legs were trembling, blood pouring from his nose. Karamatsu got up from the ground and rushes towards Choromatsu’s aid.

“Are you okay?!”

“Y-Yeah.” Choromatsu collapsed onto his brother, “I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine.” Karamatsu frowned at his brother, letting him take a seat on the floor. He grabbed a tissue that was on the table, wiping the blood away from his nose, “I told you to stay upstairs.”

“I didn’t want to be alone.”

“I was going to come up, soon.”

Karamatsu sighed. Choromatsu’s health was deteriorating a lot faster than him. It had been only been several days since the two found out that they were infected. While, it was slowly…

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