Essay on Summary Of ' The J & T Real Estate '

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I wouldn’t say I’m spoiled, just fortunate, that I married a great man, and live in a gated community. Jerry and I married four years earlier and hadn’t started a family yet. He was partner with his best friend, Tony in the J&T Real Estate, we were living the American Dream debt free, home, a prosperous business and money in the bank. My life was marvelous until one day my nosey neighbor, Mrs. Kennedy came over for coffee. She wasted no time letting me know Jerry was a cheater. “I saw him going in one of those sleazy motels on Hill Street.” I quickly remind her, “He works in real estate and I’m sure he was only checking the motel for a client.” “Huh, I’m sure that’s what it was,” she said, knowing how someone sneaking into a motel looked, since she had done it many times when she was younger. “Jerry is a faithful husband and I don’t know why you would tell me such crap. Honestly, I don’t believe a word you said.” I defended him and wasn’t going to let her upset me. “Keep your eyes open sweety, humans are the same,” she said with such a smug grin on her face. After she left, I wondered if I should confront Jerry, or forget about what Mrs. Kennedy said? When he came from from work, I met him at the door as usual, he seemed tired and ignored me when I asked. “How was your day?” Waiting a few minutes, I asked again. “The same as any other day.” “Did your client like the motel on Hill Street?” His face turned red, he snorted…

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