Women In The Yellow Wallpaper, By Charlotte Perkins Stetson

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Woman during the 19th century woman were depicted as lesser individuals than men. They were now seen as the caregivers of the house, and were restricted to being at home all day to oversee and take care of their obligations as a woman. Throughout “The Yellow Wallpaper” written by Charlotte Perkins Stetson, she indicates how the gender roles in the victorian era greatly affected woman and how the main character, an unnamed woman was immensely distressed by the occurrences of misanthrope committed by her husband John. The unnamed woman in the story, has postpartum depression induced by the fatality of a child that is later revealed in the story, and because of this her husband John, a doctor, is trying to aid in her recover back to normality …show more content…
John confines his wife to his oppressive tactics and forces her stay restricted in her “jail cell” of a bedroom, suffocated by imagery of the yellow wallpaper until she cannot take it anymore and becomes mentally psychotic.

The unnamed woman in The Yellow Wallpaper faces the harsh truth of suffering with postpartum depression and allows the affects of her mental illness to take over her body and mind. Her mind and body becomes weakened by the illness and because of this she allows John’s sexual oppression depict what she does at all time. John watches this illness transpire to his wife, and he becomes more and more cautious of how she is acting and believes that the cure to her mental insanity will be fixed not by medicine but by isolation.
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This figurative image of a “jail cell” assists in depicting how harsh the nursery was to be in while all that was occurring in the room, was sound of her silent mind. The room colored a “repellant, almost revolting; a smoldering unclean yellow” (Stetson) was once seen to her as an uncomfortable place to be staying. As the weeks go by and her mental insanity increases and becomes harder and harder for her to take a grasp on reality, she begins to grow a bond with the jail cell that she had been living in. The woman is becoming accustom to her living situation, and is comfortable in the nursery, which is caused by the brainwashing that her husband is throwing upon her to believe that where she is and what she is doing in

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