Summary Of ' The ' I Don 't ' Essay

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Sitting outside on the paint chipped, listening to my casually Christian friend, Cassie, tell a vaguely interesting story about her mother to another one of my casually Christian friends, Shelby, was the first time I realized my beliefs weren’t quite mainstream.
“And I don’t really know if all this is true, she just rushed through the story over the phone a minute ago, but Mom said that the stoplights had been out for a couple hours and when she pulled up at the intersection and it was her turn to go, somebody cuts in front of her going the opposite direction. She says it would’ve been a huge accident, but the light flashed red for a second, so she hit the brakes and missed the other car by a few feet,” Cassie reported in one breath, wrapping up her story.
“Wow,” Shelby paused for a second. “Just another one of God’s miracles,” she sighed with a blissful, spiritual air.
I didn’t let the verbal vomit register by merely not letting it enter in the first place. I never understood how someone can believe in miracles. How can one have so much blind faith? This world is not full of miracles, this world is full of the same humdrum twists of fate that occur to every one of us time and time again in our miniscule lives. With the world population over six billion, every single conceivable scenario has been combatted or accomplished or evaded at one time or another. I’m sure there have been power outages tens of thousands of times across the world. And every power outage that…

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