Summary Of ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Stiles was already five minutes late, typical. Lydia, hearing her phone buzz briefly wondered if it was Stiles, before realising he had no way of knowing her number. Seeing Jackson’s face flash up on screen, she smiled. She probably shouldn’t be taking this phone call right now, but if Stiles was going to make her wait, she’d make him wait.
‘Hey, babe,’ Lydia whispered down the phone. It was a Friday night so few people were here, but she still wanted to keep it quiet.
‘You coming over for christmas?’
‘Of course. Think I’m going to leave you alone with all these UCLA girls?’ Lydia replied. ‘It’s just my parents said they’d only pay if I flew to one of them. It’s the one thing they’ve ever agreed on,’
‘So, how are you going to get here?’ Jackson asked. Growing up with as much money as he has, he couldn’t imagine going anywhere not on a plane. Truthfully neither could Lydia.
‘They have a ride-share Facebook page. It’s hardly ideal, but getting to spend christmas with you would be worth it,’
Finally, she could see Stiles walking over towards her. ‘I have to go now. But first can I ask you a question?’
Glancing over at Stiles, who was now sitting now next to her, she dropped her voice an octave lower and asked ‘Do you ever eat food that’s bad for you?’
‘No, that’s how people get fat and die,’
Smiling to herself, she replied ‘Thought so. Love you, bye’
‘Me too,’ he replied, before she hung up the phone.
‘Who is that? Your lawyer?’ Stiles asked.
‘One day,’ she replied.…

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