Essay on Summary Of ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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As Seth walked into the dining room, complete silence filled the room, yes it has been a long time since he had been seen, but his appearance didn 't change much. The whole time he had been gone, he did not once send a letter or even send word back to his family to notify then that he was okay. Augustine, of course, didn 't know what was going on, she had not seen that man a day in her life, but minus a few that sat around the table, everyone else knew exactly who he was. Both Joseph, and Elizabeth looked as if they had both seen a ghost, their eyes were fixed directly on him. They continued to sit around the table, while Daniel slowly rose to his feet, Brother? Is that really you? said Daniel a little confused as to why and how is his long-lost brother was still alive. We all thought that you had been killed, Daniel continued as he began to walk toward Seth with both of his arms stretched out. Yes, little brother, I am still alive, and now I am here; I 'm home, said Seth currently happy to see his family. Elizabeth would then step aside from the table, and approach Seth with her eyes filled with tears. Elizabeth couldn 't speak due to the emotions that overcame her. After Daniel stayed away from hugging his brother Seth, Elizabeth would run to embrace her son. Joseph remained on his seat puzzled, and confused. He didn 't know if he should feel angry or happy that his son finally returned home. Every day since Seth had disappeared, Joseph would pray that the lord would…

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